Ryderwear Versus Otomix Sports Footwear


The Otomix weightlifting shoes are one of the more amazing weightlifting shoes. They are made from leather, which is unusual for lifting shoes and which makes it a lot more interesting. The leather adds a whole lot of flexibility in footwear while retaining some power. One point that is also interesting to note is that they are not just designed for weightlifting, but also MMA and martial arts as well. They come in two colors which are black and white.

The leather is one of the defining parts of the Otomix Shoes. The flexibility as mentioned above lends itself very well to having a full range of motion of exercises like calf raises/extensions. Not only that, it also provides a lot of comfort walking in them as well. A few lifting shoes sacrifice coziness for a more rigid performance based shoe. That is not the case with this one. Do they hold up to competition to provide you the best foundation to get heavy lifts? Probably one important thing when it comes to a shoe used for weightlifting is the sole and heel.ryderwear vs otomix

Shoes that have higher heels will help more during squats than flats, and flatter shoes tend to support more with deadlifts. The Otomix weightlifting shoes comes with a flat rubber sole which is not a big deal mostly if not all shoes do. However the heel is actually not a part of the sole. What provides the higher heel in these is a foam insert underneath the insole. This is a no-no for any weight lifting shoe. I am certain that the foam heel adds a whole lot of comfort and spring to the shoe while it is fresh, but will compress a lot below heavy loads.

That means lack of stability where it matters on the squat. Looking at a shoe’s heel, I want this to be part of the sole. Not really a piece of foam on top of that. Funny enough, most people would not find this to be a problem other than one review that is on Amazon, with the shoe having glowing reviews and an excellent rating.


Ryderwear Raptors are specifically designed for the weights room, where great grip, support and a good foundation is more important than energy return and bounce. They are made for the fierce style and clean minimal lines that protect and support the foot and ankle area without extra padding or lift, to get the full range of motion you need.

Totomixhese sneakers are ideal for free weights, weight equipment, and other workouts where being light on your feet is important. Many clients put on Raptors for boxing & Muay Thai training, among other martial arts. This ultimate training shoe is suited for hardcore gym sessions or boxing/MMA. They are also famous for their presence in bodybuilding circles, as they sponsor major professionals like Kai Greene.

The features include of Ryderwear Raptors includes the Ultra versatile body made from the highest quality of soft leather and breathable fine mesh, Flat foot and durable plastic outer sole, perfect for squats/weights, Inner latex comfort heel support and Metal detail.

The Winner: Undecided

Yeah, you were looking for a clear cut winner but unfortunately there is neither in this instance. Both shoes are high quality and suit their specific purposes well. While Otomix has made a name for itself in the wrestling world, there is nothing keeping you from using them with great success in the weight room as well. Likewise, Ryderwear have gained great critical success, especially with the likes of IFBB Pro Kai Greene wearing them, there is nothing stopping you from wrestling in them either.

At the end of the day the choice is yours to make, we’d be happy having a pair of either!